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Peter McVerry Trust is a national homeless and housing charity, committed to tackling homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage. We provide a range of services to single people, families and children, including those exiting state care. These services range from prevention & support to homeless services, housing first, drug treatment, and Under 18s services. We offer pathways out of homelessness based on the principles of equal opportunities, dignity and respect. Our vision is an Ireland that supports all those on the margins and upholds their rights to full inclusion in society.

At Peter McVerry Trust we don’t just help people secure a home, we support them to keep their homes, integrate into their community and secure education, training and employment. In addition to housing, we provide ‘housing with support’ services, helping people to develop life skills, build confidence and work towards independent living and social integration.

Our aims are to:
• Prevent people from experiencing homelessness;
• Provide safe, stable and supportive environments where people who are homeless are treated with warmth and respect;
• Rapidly re-house people who experience homelessness based on the principles of a Housing First approach;
• Support people on the margins of society, assisting them to integrate into society and live a life of dignity

Charities Regulatory No.: 20015282
Companies No.: 98934
CHY No.: 7256

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