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To promote, safeguard and protect the interests of the members of the community in relation to endometriosis and related conditions through the provision of support and education in respect of endometriosis and through the promotion of research into and awareness of endometriosis and related conditions.

To achieve our aims, we provide information and support via email, online, in person and to anyone who requests. We give talks on endometriosis when invited. We host information days that include a variety of speakers and topics. We support and promote research into endometriosis. Our vision for training volunteers is to help the charity to grow – with increasing awareness, governance requirements and public demand – additional help is needed. There is a need for face to face support groups, as well as our online support group, to break the isolation of living with endometriosis, to manage the condition and live as best as possible.

Charities Regulatory No. 20021672
Companies No. 148289
CHY No. 8693

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